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A large number of airlines fly to Athens International Airport.


From the Airport:


Take a Taxi (20 mins) to the Port of Pireaus OR take the X96 Bus (available directly outside the airport terminal).  Tickets cost approx. 5e, buy at the kiosk next to the bus stop before boarding.

The bus ride may take from 55 to 90 minutes depending on the traffic. It runs 24​ hours.


From the Port of Piraeus:


You can buy tickets to take a Ferry (1.5 -2 hours travel time) or a Flying Dolphin (45 minutes travel time) via Aegina to Agistri.


We will pick you up from the port at Agistri. Now you can start to enjoy the island and your retreat with us.


Once you get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you organise your journey from Athens to Agistri.



Agistri Island is only 1 hour away by flying dolphin from the Port of Piraeus, close to Athens.


It's a small, quiet island (approx. 15 sqkm), of which 90% is covered by a thick pine forest. There are some amazing beaches, with crystal clear, turquoise waters. Agistri is ideally located right in the middle of the saronic gulf.

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